Sarah Vangrunderbeeck, one of our PhD students, clearly explains in 3 minutes what our core research is all about. Watch the video below to learn the basics of contrast-enhancing staining agents (CESAs) and their use in contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT).

Our team is involved in different projects:

  • The development and testing of new contrast-enhancing staining agents (CESAs)
  • The development of novel contrast-enhancing methods
  • Advanced image processing and analysis using deep learning techniques
  • The development of in situ 4D CECT and the study of the effects of our stains on 4D CECT
  • Collaborations with external companies and other research groups where we apply our contrasting methods to their different types of tissue for high-resolution characterization
  • The characterization of different biomaterials, including scaffolds, synthetic vascular grafts, and the virtual testing and characterization of face masks. For the latter, be sure to check out our project here!
  • The 3D characterization of healthy and diseased tissues with X-ray based histology