PhD thesis defenses in the ContrasT Team

Some members of the ContrasT Team have defended their thesis successfully these past months:

  • Sarah Vangrunderbeeck (05/07/2023): “Screening and Development of Contrast‐Enhancing Staining Agents for CECT Imaging”
  • Camille Pestiaux (25/09/2023): “Advanced X-ray-based 3D microstructural characterization of the heart and heart valves”
  • Tim Balcaen (24/11/2023): “Exploring contrast-enhancing staining agents for contrast-enhanced computed tomography imaging”
  • Arne Maes (20/02/2024): “X-ray based 3D histology of soft biological tissues using cryogenic contrast-enhanced microCT”
  • Lisa Leyssens (18/03/2024): “MicroCT and contrast-enhanced microCT imaging to improve treatments for cardiovascular diseases”

Congratulations to Dr. Vangrunderbeeck, Dr. Pestiaux, Dr. Balcaen, Dr. Maes, and Dr. Leyssens. Good luck in your future adventures !

BSTE 2023 in Liège

Team members Maïté Pétré and Lara Mazy presented at the Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering (BSTE) on December 6 in Liège. Maïté presented on “Screening staining agents for contrast-enhanced microCT of vascular tissues: a microstructural and mechanical analysis as input for improved design of tissue-engineered vascular grafts”. Lara presented on “In-situ 4D computed tomography: application to vascular synthetic grafts and perspectives for Tissue engineering”. It was a great opportunity to show our scientific research in the tissue engineering domain and to network with professionals in the field.

ICTMS 2022 in Grenoble

The ContrasT Team was present at the 5th International Conference on Tomography of Structures and Materials in Grenoble in June 2022. Grzegorz, Camille, and Lisa presented their work. They look back on a very successful conference with interesting talks and poster presentations and a visit to the ESRF.

Belgian research in Europe

An article has been published on our research team in the magazine “Belgian Research in Europe”

Be sure to check it out: (p. 160-161)